The Kids

The Kids

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

What Was That?

Caleb was playing with his toys today and suddenly started yelling one particular word over and over again. It sounded so much like something we did not want to hear that both Nick and I immediately said, "What did you say, Caleb?"

He replied, "Funck."

Grateful that he added the "n," I asked him what "funck" was. He simply said, "It means funck."

Sure. Okay. Just keep adding that "n" my little one.


aunt karen said...

so funny! that reminds me of when billy was that age and the way he said firetruck!! remember??

Tammy said...

I remember! We used to try that on friends who had a little boy that age, telling him to say firetruck, but the parents weren't too happy with us :)

aunt karen said...

i remember billy come visit me at work and i bribed him with a donut to get him to say it to my co workers!! i guess it is not as funny when it is your child!!

Tim Parenti said...

My mother loves telling the story of a not-quite-four-year-old me getting really really excited to see firetrucks at the parade. Obviously too excited about them to pronounce them properly.