The Kids

The Kids

Monday, May 2, 2011

The Dancing Conspiracy

I miss soccer.

Okay, so maybe I do not miss it during this ridiculously rainy spring, but I miss the simplicity of the sport.  As I parent, I know that I will pay for a uniform and shoes, pay for the season, and eventually throw some money in for a gift for the volunteer coach.

Dance, on the other hand, is a whole other story. 

We paid for the dance class in December, when Nick bought Abby the package for Christmas.  He also bought an outfit, tights, and shoes.  Great.  Not too bad.

Then I realized how short of a time that money got us.  Before I knew it, it was payment time again.  I could not believe the amount they expected for five hours.  And of course my energetic daughter went through two pairs of tights at that point. 

I love that Target sells them a lot cheaper than the dance studio.

Once Abby was officially hooked and looking forward to her recital in the summer, I found out that we had to buy her costume.  And it was not cheap

We were finally in the home stretch, knowing one more big payment was coming up, when I began to hear rumors of ticket sales for the recital (or, as they call it, The Showcase).

Seriously?  I have to buy tickets to watch my daughter dance for three minutes?  I never had to pay extra to watch a soccer game.

Oh, and this is my favorite part.  In order to purchase the tickets, the balance for the rest of the year had to be paid in full.  So, I had to pay money so that I would be allowed to pay more money.  Sure.

There cannot be more, right?  Wrong.

Every girl has to have her hair done the same way and have on the same make-up.  They have little bags of supplies at the front desk-for a price.  Thankfully, the make-up they are using is Mary Kay, which I sell.  Ha-ha!  Got you dance studio!  You will not receive my $3 for the sample make-up kit!

My favorite sentence to come out of Abby's mouth this past week?  "I like dance, but I am ready for a break and want to play soccer in the fall."

Bless you child.

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Nadia Cristina said...

Tayler is a bit of a tomboy... Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu it is! No make-up needed!! LOL