The Kids

The Kids

Friday, May 20, 2011

Princess Mommy

Abby told me that I looked like a princess today.  My response?  I laughed.

Let me explain.

Her class invited all the moms to school today for a belated Mother's Day tea party.  I went to the closet to find something nice to wear.  For most people, that would be an easy task.  For someone who is still changing shape on a weekly basis after having a baby-a bit difficult.

I finally found a skirt that fit comfortably (I am all about the comfort) and a shirt that somewhat matched. 

(The shirt that had actually matched did not conform to my baby gut as well as I had hoped.)

After I got dressed, I still had to feed Noah.  Long story short-I am glad my skirt had a pattern that hid the strained sweet potatoes that somehow found their way on there. 

By the time I drove to school in the 80 degree heat (not complaining-loving it!), had tea with Abby, drove home (noticing my mascara smear in the rearview mirror), was tackled by Caleb and fed Noah, I was slightly unkempt.  I then proceeded to fix Abby's hair for her dance pictures.  That required lots and lots of gel. 

I had just set down the gel on my lap while slicking her hair back, when Abby decided to sit on my lap.  Yep.  Hair gel, right next to the sweet potatoes.

It was exactly at that moment that Abby decided to tell me that I looked like a princess.

Hence my laughter.

Thank you, Abigail.  I will enjoy your compliments while I can still get them, you sweet, innocent girl.

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