The Kids

The Kids

Monday, May 23, 2011

The Tired Life Of The Tooth Fairy

Abby officially lost her first tooth yesterday.  After it happened, she giggled nonstop for about an hour.  Then she fell asleep with a smile on her face, with dreams of the Tooth Fairy coming to give her a reward. 

Let me tell you, the Tooth Fairy is tired today.

I usually check on her before I go to sleep, and she is always sound asleep.  Last night, however, she decided to open her eyes to see what was going on.  I quickly palmed the money and slid my hand back from under her pillow, pretending to be reaching to rub her head. 

I am so smooth.

I waited a little while and just as I was about to try again, my sweet little girl came into our room, having bad dreams of bugs in her room.

My thought was, "Great!  I can 'check the bed for bugs' and make the transfer."  However, Nick reminded me who I was dealing with.  She obviously had just checked under her pillow and would do it again before falling asleep.  So, we put her back to bed.

We both tried again later, but she still kept waking up.  This time, Nick distracted her while I carefully slid the tooth (and picture she made for the Tooth Fairy) out from under her pillow.  I was about to deliver the cash when she started paying attention to me.

I managed to slip out of her room, tooth and picture in hand, giving the money to Nick, without her noticing anything was amiss.  With all the time he spent in her room, I assumed he was leaving the money as she fell asleep.

Nope.  He came back, cash in hand.  Apparently, she was wide awake.

Crap.  Now if she were to look, there would be nothing under her pillow.

That is exactly what happened.  She soon wandered into our room (this is after midnight, by the way) and said with confusion, "There isn't anything under my pillow!  My tooth is gone, but there is anything else there!"

We came up with a couple of lame excuses like, "Maybe whatever the Tooth Fairy left fell down under the bed," to which she replied, "I already looked!"  And "I bet the Tooth Fairy took the tooth and will be back with your reward once you fall asleep," which seemed to make sense to her tired mind.

I put her to bed, rubbed her hair until she was officially asleep, and made the delivery.

Thank the Lord, I think it actually worked.

When I got her up this morning for school, she looked at me for about a second, then immediately woke up and checked under her pillow.  Low and behold, there was her $2. 

I really do not mind when my children stop believing in this stuff.  It is very exhausting to fool them.

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