The Kids

The Kids

Monday, May 16, 2011

I Love My Boys

Why I love my boys...

-With new sand in the sandbox, Caleb will contently play for hours, running his cars through the roads that he creates.  If he is inside, he lines up his cars on the dinning room table and races them around in circles.

-During the past couple of weeks, Noah has accomplished a wonderful thing.  He can go from his belly to sitting up.  Every mother knows that this is a celebration time!  No longer do I have to run for his cries of help because he fell or rolled over and cannot get back up.  He simply keeps rolling and sits up.

(Granted, the crib now has to be lowered and he is into everything, but still...)

-Caleb told me on the way home today that he is happy that I am his mom.  He also added that he is happy that he has a brother.

Just as I was relishing the words, he added, "Noah will get bigger someday and help me get Abby!"

I think I will just ignore that part. 

-Anytime that Noah is upset, the song, "Jesus Loves Me" immediately calms him down.  Although, for some reason the other day I started to sing, "There was an old lady who swallowed a fly," and he found that inspiring as well.  Maybe he is just laughing at my voice.

-Caleb has really been excelling at two things, lately.  Baseball and Memory.

He destroys the ball when pitched to.  Then he runs the "bases" i.e. patches of grass, toys, or tree trunks with such determination that one would think his life is on the line.  His dad loves that he bats left.

We play Toy Story Memory a lot.  A lot.  Both Nick and myself started off by letting him win.  Then we realized that he actually beats us without our assistance.  Seriously.  I tried my best at the game today and he beat me by five pairs.

I will blame that on the fact that each child has taken away a few brain cells with his or her arrival.

-Finally, Noah has two adorable features that I absolutely love.  His hair is straight with one big curl in the front.  It just kind of hangs there, looking cute.  He also has a huge dimple when he smiles-which is most of the time. 

I look forward to when Noah gets old enough to hang out with Caleb.  They are going to be a handful, but such fun as well.

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