The Kids

The Kids

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

One Of Those Days

Today I dealt with an unusually crabby Noah, who did not take a good morning nap or afternoon nap.

I then dealt with a tired Caleb, who was making his painful face, meaning he needs to go to the bathroom.  I mixed some miralax in his juice, hoping that would help him out.

Throughout the afternoon, I dealt with Caleb, who kept having accidents in his underwear.  And they were not just pee.

Abby came home and I dealt with homework, dinner, more Caleb accidents, more whining from Noah, and fighting between the older two.  And a thunderstorm.

Finally had everyone out of the bath, the older two getting ready for bed, and was relaxing Noah with a bottle when I heard Caleb crying of more accidents.  Handed Noah off to Abby, cleaned up Caleb again, took Noah back and he promptly puked all over me.

Everyone is now in bed, I have the washing machine loaded and ready to go, but am waiting on Caleb to officially fall asleep just in case of more accidents.

I am writing this now so that when Nick gets home from coaching his game, he can read this and understand why I am passed out on the couch in a house that smells like lysol.

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