The Kids

The Kids

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Caleb And The Girls

Caleb has great friendships with girls.

I think it is because he has an older sister.  And because he has always been outnumbered on our street by girls.  There was hope when little Cody moved in across the street, but then he moved away this summer, much to Caleb's dismay.  Now, he has to wait around for Noah and little Daniel across the street to grow up.

In the meantime, I have heard some fun conversations from Caleb and his ladies, lately.

While walking out of school the other day, I listened in on a talk that Caleb was having with his carpool friend, Izzy.  For some reason, they were talking about marriage.

Caleb:  "Boys marry girls and girls marry boys."
Izzy:  "What about boys marry boys and girls marry girls?"
Caleb:  (laughing) "Oh, Izzy, that's silly.  Boys don't marry boys and girls don't marry girls!"
(Thank you private school)
Izzy:  "Okay, so girls marry boys and boys marry girls.  Just like my mommy married my daddy!"
Caleb:  "I could marry you someday."
Izzy:  "Okay!  That would be okay because I'm a girl!"

Love it.

As I am typing this, Caleb is playing with his neighbor, Felicity, who I am watching for a little while.  They were playing with a toy and then Felicity said, "Let's pretend it's at a store and we are shopping for it!"

Caleb, being the understanding brother that he is, agreed.

They used Noah's shopping cart to walk around the living room, shopping for toys.  This is what I heard...

Felicity:  "Oh look, those are so cute!"
Caleb:  "Yes, they are cute!"
(My son will make a great husband if he can understand that women say "cute" quite often while shopping.)
Felicity:  "Let's go pay for it."
Caleb:  "Look, it says it's a million dollars."
Felicity:  "That's okay, I have a million dollars.
Caleb:  "Me too!"

Really?  Would you two like to share some of that money with your parents?

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