The Kids

The Kids

Friday, October 21, 2011


Abby's class regularly writes journal-like thoughts in class.  Her teacher gives them a theme to write about and lets them be creative.  The following is what she brought home this week.  The topic-"Why I can't go to bed right now." 

I will be writing this exactly as Abby wrote it so good luck reading the kid writing.

I can't go to bed becuse baby Noah is sick and I want to help get him better.  I can't sleep becuse Caleb is making a raccet and it's LOUD!  I have to finish my book mom!  If I clean up can I stay up?  Im waching a cute movie and it's almost done, two minits!  Noah is screming so loud that none can sleep thou it it's so loud.  Can I have a bedtime snack?  Mom, Caleb wreseling with me so much that I can't move a tiny bit and I can't berth (breathe) either.  Mom Noah headbutted me in the nose and it's bleeding.  Felicity came over, can me and Caleb go over to play with her pese just this one time?  I can't sleep Mom, becuse dad is yelling so loud that you coud hear it for miels.  Im so exsidid for tomorer I can't sleep a bit, not even a tiny bit.  Can I have just one more cookie, just one more plese?  Mom I'm in the midil of a troble game.  Mom, my best frend Sidney's on the phone and she asked to have a sleepover tonite and stay up late, can I go?  (This is where my voice is apparently heard)  As long as you don't stay up late, that's fine with me.

Before anyone goes calling social services on us, I would like to defend my family and make sure the truth is told that Nick does not yell all of the time, Noah does not headbutt on purpose, and Caleb is smaller than Abby and does not really pin her down to the point of passing out.

What fun to be an elementary teacher and read these thoughts.  No wonder I sometimes get strange looks from her teacher.

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Christi said...

She's a natural!!! Gotta love all the reasons she came up with!!