The Kids

The Kids

Friday, December 2, 2011

Noah Update

Is it possible that a fourteen-month old could already be in the terrible-twos stage?

No?  It is only going to get worse?  Terrific.

Noah apparently thinks that he deserves everything that he sees.  That includes anything hooked up to an outlet, everyone's food, every cleaning product under the sink, my laptop, every remote and all of the buttons on the side of the tv.  When I say no and squeeze his hand, it then becomes a fun challenge.

And I would love to know when the screeching will end.  I am seriously thinking of investing in a set of earplugs. 

Noah has developed this method of screeching to get my attention, then speaking sweetly when I look at him.  If he just spoke sweetly to begin with, I would be a much nicer mommy.  Instead, the screeching turns me into a person who wants to throw her precious son out the window.

Noah does have his good moments, though.  He is a super happy kid who loves to smile and laugh.  He eats anything put in front of him.  He goes with the flow of our busy life and was very laid back about spending time out of town last week.  I could have lived without the screeching on the 300 mile car ride, but oh well...

He is also becoming quite the little talker.  His favorite thing to say?  "What's that?"  Over and over and over again.  He also says, "I touch."  He says that line with a devious look as he watches my reaction. 

And when my reaction is "No," as it often is, the screeching starts again.

Now that he is such a professional walker, Noah seems to have developed this independent attitude.  When I am picking up Caleb from school or listening to Abby's class recite their memory verses, he thinks that he can walk anywhere in the school and touch anything that he pleases.  My apologies to any student who might have found their class work that was hanging in the hallway suddenly destroyed.   Even when I am holding him, his feet are constantly going.

At least he is understanding us a lot more now.  When I tell him to get something, he does it.  When he is asked what a dog says, he replies, "Ruff."  Of course, that is what every animal says according to Noah.  When I tell him "No," he understands enough to grin at me before going back to whatever trouble he was in.

I am so very tired.

Still, in the midst of the never-ending chaos that my little tornado brings to our home, he is still a treasure.  He is almost fourteen-months old and I cannot believe how quickly that has happened.

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Alyssa said...

I sympathize with you in the screeching - I've got a screecher myself. I wondered if we would ever break him of it. It was a loooong phase. But I'm happy to tell you that he's now 2 1/2, and he did finally decide to use more helpful forms of communication. Mostly. :) In the meantime, though, the earplugs might be a good idea. I seriously think little Mr. Screamy damaged my hearing.