The Kids

The Kids

Sunday, December 11, 2011

The Christmas Season

Whew.  I am finally sitting down to write on here after a ridiculously busy week. 

Why does everything have to happen in December?  Yes, it's Christmas, but must we pile everything into this month?

I am not complaining-all of the things that have occupied our time have been great.  Going to the Andrew Peterson concert.  Writing out Christmas cards.  Buying gifts.  Going to Nick's work party.

I should clarify Nick's work party.  Because he teaches for a school that the late Carl Lindner helped to start, every year we get invited to the huge Lindner Christmas party.  It is our one night a year where we can pretend that we live a luxurious life.

We also had our annual Christmas party last night.  We started hosting it the year after those of us who left our former church suddenly found ourselves banned from the original friend Christmas party.  Apparently, when you stop attending a church, you are no longer allowed to be friends with people who go there.  Sure.  That sounds like the body of Christ.

Anyway, I love opening up our home to our friends and family to celebrate this season.  I love the Christmas lights, the candles, the laughter, the food, the traditions.

With still many things to get done and attend before Christmas morning arrives, my heart is still full thinking of why we are celebrating this holiday.  Even if the perfect gifts are not bought or if sick kids mess up our plans, we will still celebrate because our Savior was born.

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