The Kids

The Kids

Thursday, December 22, 2011

Christmas Thoughts

I have a pile of cookies to make, a ton of laundry to wash, and my house is a disaster after Abby's playdate with the girls in her class yesterday.  But, I need to write!

This busy week and the fact that I am still getting over a never-ending cold has not left me with very much time to just sit and think. 

Oh, and of course I have had to spend way too many minutes of my life updating my Facebook pictures before this whole Timeline thing goes public.  Brilliant idea-let's pick the one week of the year where everyone is running around like crazy, trying to get last minute things done, and pressure them to have their profile updated before Christmas Eve.

I know.  Such priorities that I have in my life.  Such problems.

Anyway, today's topic is The Elf on the Shelf.

Whose bright idea was this?

I never heard of the idea until this year.  Apparently, this lovely tradition involves moving an elf around the house, so that he is found in a different place every day.  The elf is Santa's helper and reports back to him on if everyone is behaving.

Kind of creepy, if you ask me, but I can see the fun in it.  Judging from the numerous Facebook pictures that friends have posted, Mr. Elf can find himself in some pretty interesting places.

So, clearly, my children do not know much about the elf.  But, their neighbor does.  The other day, Abby was playing at their house and said something about not thinking the elf is real.  To keep their five-year old innocent for a little while longer, the mom pulled Abby aside and nicely asked her not to say things like that in front of her daughter, which I completely understand. 

All this time, I was worried about Abby having the magic stolen on the playground by some classmate that has older siblings.  I never thought that she would be the one stealing it from others.

Between her scepticism and her amazing reading skills (she read the teeny-tiny return address on the American Girl Store package that was on the porch when she got home from school-way to ring the bell, delivery guy), it is getting harder and harder to fool her.  I am thinking it almost easier to just tell her the truth to avoid further complications.

If she comes out and asks about Santa again, I will tell her the truth.  The thing is, I could totally see her thinking it is awesome that she knows something that Caleb does not know.

Even in the midst of the this Santa and Elf business, I love that my kids are still excited about the actual reason that we celebrate this holiday.  The birth of our Savior. 

There have been times that we have missed an actual dinner together, especially when Nick is working games at the school.  But, my kids still get out the advent stuff and read the latest page in the book.  They love hearing the story of Jesus' birth and wait for me to light the candle.  They quickly open the calendar to see what picture is next.

It probably helps that my mom gave them an advent book that has a piece of chocolate for every day, but I think that it is their love of Christ that drives them to remember...

Anyway, only a few more days until the big event.  All of the planning and baking and buying will come together.

And in the middle of all of that, a baby was born, changing us forever.

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