The Kids

The Kids

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Store Trip

I told my mom that she should just run into the store while the kids and I waited in the car.

She did not believe me.

So, we ran into the store, in the pouring rain, to grab "a few things."

I decided to put Noah in the fun cart where he could "drive" himself around.  Caleb insisted that he could sit next to him and still fit.  As I finally gave in and put him next to his brother, he looked at me and said, "See-I can fit."

He said this while his knees were squished up to his chin, but whatever.  He made sure that he was right.

Abby then insisted on pushing the cart.  Sure.  Why not?  We only knocked over a few displays.

My pro shoppers started scoping out the place for samples.  The older two enjoyed some juice, while Noah reached for the cup of cereal.  I handed it to him, but kept the spoon.  Well, you would think that I was keeping his lovey from him.  He cried with much drama until I handed him the spoon.  But, genius mom that I am, I took away the cereal.  You see, I understand that Noah trying to use a spoon equals a mess.

Apparently, not holding his precious cereal was a tragedy, so I gave in and let him hold it.  About two seconds later, it all fell on the floor.

I refrained from saying, "I told you so," simply because he would not understand a word that I was saying.

The best was when Noah started crying and I realized that he had unbuckled his seatbelt (no idea how), turned over and his feet were stuck in the bottom of the cart.  I had to remove Caleb first in order to have room to move Noah.  While pulling Caleb out, his shoe got stuck and fell off.


I found myself standing in the middle of the aisle, one kid crying and stuck backwards, with the other kid laying on the floor without a shoe.  A man walked by and I could see him laughing.

I gave up and started laughing, too.

I finally unstuck Noah and sat him properly in his seat.  Went to check-out and who do I see but my junior high home-ec teacher.  Perfect timing.  Clearly, the scene that I had just created showed that I did not listen well in her class.

Finished off the trip by running outside in the rain with Noah continually taking off his hood to drink the rain.

Next time, we are staying in the car.

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