The Kids

The Kids

Saturday, December 31, 2011

Jesus And The Wii

The kids favorite thing to do while playing Wii, lately, is to create a bunch of Miis.

Let me explain for the non-Wii readers...a Mii is the character that you create for yourself on Wii.  I thought it was a simple case of each player has their own Mii, but you can actually create as many as you want and make them move around the "room" in funny ways.  Hilarious, if you are a kid. 

Okay, so I find it kind of funny, too.

Anyway, the kids have been making lots of Miis.  Most of them are names of their friends.  Caleb has made numerous Noahs-some on behalf of his little brother and the others named after his friend at school.  He has also made many Calebs.  Shocking, I know.

The other day I heard this conversation while they were eating dinner and plotting out their next adventure in Mii Land...

Caleb:  "I'm going to be a bad character."
Abby:  "But, you can't be the bad character-you are being the king.  Kings are good."
Caleb:  "Well, what about King Harold?  I'm going to be King Harold.  He was bad."
Me (finally chiming in):  "You mean King Herod?"
Caleb:  "Yeah, that's what I said."

From that point on, the conversation somehow got to them discussing how to make a Jesus Wii and how they always wanted Jesus on their team because He's the best and would make them win every game.

Perhaps they should talk with Tim Tebow about that theory.

Seriously, though, I love their never-ending series of thoughts.  I love that they see Jesus as the winner of all.  True, He most likely does not care too much about who wins a game, but He does care about each individual player.  Just as He cares for Abby and Caleb and their attitudes toward how the game is played.

Not too long after this conversation, I heard Caleb say, "Look at my team!  We just won!  I played with Jesus, Noah, and Mommy!"

Sounds like a pretty terrific team.

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