The Kids

The Kids

Sunday, December 4, 2011

The Irony Of Dates

Our family has always had fun with dates.

On my side, my grandma, my mom, my brother and I all have our birthdays on the 24th of a month. My dad and my grandpa were born on the 19th of a month.  My parents were born in '55, I was born in '77 and my brother was born in '88, all double digit years. 

On Nick's side, he and his mom were born on the 13th of a month, while his dad and sister were born on the 5th of a month.

And, of course, there are our children.  All born the same week of October.  Add on Noah being born on 10/10/10, and we are pretty much some kind of freak show.

Even our child who we lost had a special due date.  July 10th.  That was the first day of camp that year and also a due date of a friend of mine.  Even though we never got to meet that child, Noah arrived exactly three months after the due date.

All of this leads me to not be surprised at today's date.  Exactly two years ago, we lost our third child.  Tonight, we went to the Andrew Peterson Christmas concert that we attend every year.  Ironically, the first time that I heard Andrew Peterson sing was when he opened for Caedmon's Call at Grove City College about thirteen years ago.  He sang a song called, "Lullaby" about the child that he and his wife had recently lost.  I remember thinking, "How awful.  I cannot imagine going through something like that."

Little did I know that that song would someday be a comfort to me. 

Tonight was a comfort to me as well.  In the midst of a sad day, I was able to celebrate the amazing love story of Christ, the hero who came to save us.  The prince who has rescued his lost love.  He makes all things new and I long to see Him and our child someday.
We took Abby to the concert this year, which she greatly enjoyed.

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Nadia Cristina said...

Tammy, I remember crying so much when I first read about what happened to your little one. I never expected to have to go through the same thing.
February 17, 2010 we found out the worst news of our lives. I was 14 weeks along and were told the baby's heart had stopped beating. I too take comfort in that I will someday meet our little baby in heaven. In the midst of all that anguish and sadness, God was SO faithful. He brought along new friends who were with me almost every day to help me deal with the deep sadness I experienced. He was my source of comfort and never in my life had I felt so close to Him.
I weep with you on this very difficult day but also rejoice that it's not the end. We WILL see our children in glory. AMEN!
Nadia <3