The Kids

The Kids

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

30 Years

My parents just celebrated 30 years of marriage yesterday.

Now, most couples would plan a trip, have a party or go out to eat to celebrate such a special day.  My parents?  Not so much.

I should probably explain-my parents run a dairy farm.  Which means that nothing ever goes according to plan.  One day, we had lots of family visiting from out of town and the electricity went out.  No storms or anything-it just went out for fun.  The day that Nick proposed, one of our dogs was hit by a car and died.  The day of my wedding...the water went out.  Right after the bride had a shower, but still, not a lot of fun for everyone else.  My beloved dog, Andy, also died that week and we had to bury him the day before the wedding.  The night before my brother's high school graduation party, a tornado went through.  It knocked out the power and tore through the tent that was already set up.

So, it should be as no surprise that yesterday, when my parents were planning to celebrate their 30th anniversary, the cows ruined it.

One of the cows delivered a calf during the middle of the night.  When my dad went out to the barn in the morning, the calf was dead and the cow was struggling to survive.  Clearly, that dampered any celebration plans.

However, I do not think the cows actually ruined their anniversary.  Sure, they ruined the day, but my parents do not need one day to realize how fortunate they are.  30 years of sharing life with their best friend.  Two grown kids who make them proud (I can write that without sounding conceited, right?).  Three grandchildren who love to visit them on the farm.  And a life that is never, ever boring.

Happy 30th Anniversary, Mom and Daddy.  Thank you for being a wonderful example of what a Christ-like marriage should look like.  I love you.

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