The Kids

The Kids

Saturday, February 18, 2012

I Love Calebisms

I love my little Caleb.  Just a few fun conversations with him...

-We were driving through a part of town called Indian Hill.  If you are not from Cincinnati (or have not seen the movie Traffic) Indian Hill is where you see mansions and estates.  There are beautiful homes in the middle of wooded areas. 

As we drove through, Caleb announced, "This must be where the Bigfoots live!"

I was disturbed by two things...

One being that Caleb believes in Bigfoot.  The other being that my city boy's idea of what woods are is to think that Indian Hill is the woods.  We definitely need to plan a hiking trip soon-outside of Cincinnati.

(A bit of explanation-Nick and the kids enjoy watching a television show called "Finding Bigfoot."  If you want some laughs, give it a go.  My smart 1st grader has figured it out that they will never find Bigfoot, because then the show would be over.)

-A discussion with Nick and Caleb this morning...

Caleb:  "Did you know that we are never alone?  It says that in the Bible.  That you are never alone."
Nick:  "Where does it say that?"
Caleb:  "Matthew.  But, I can't remember where in Matthew.  It says, 'I will be with you always.'  Even if you think you think you are alone, you are never alone."
Nick:  "Why are we never alone?"
Caleb:  "Because Jesus lives in our heart."

Later in the day, while in the car together...

Nick:  "What have you been learning at school and church?"
Caleb:  "That we are never alone.  And that Jesus died for us."
Nick:  "Do you know how he died?  Do you know what the word crucified means?"
Caleb:  "No.  Wait?  Does that mean He died on the cross?"
Nick:  "Yes.  Do you know what held Him on the cross?"
Caleb:  "Ropes?'
Nick:  "Well, they used nails."
Caleb:  "Wow, that must have really hurt.  Wait, is that why He has holes in his hands?"

How many times has this kid heard about Jesus and the cross and all of the sudden, it all makes sense?  He was so concerned about how the nails must have hurt Jesus. 

How many times have I heard the story and have forgotten how much the nails must have hurt?

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Anonymous said...

First, wonderful, encouraging, funny stories about Caleb! I pray for them all the time that they would come to know Jesus in a real personal way. Love hearing these stories!!

Second, the kid needs to go to Cook's Forest! (hint, hint)