The Kids

The Kids

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Conversations Over Breakfast

Just a glimpse of some of our conversations this morning...

-Caleb:  "Do men who work at stores get to have families?"
Me:  "What?"
Caleb:  "You know, the men who work in stores.  Do they ever get to have families since they are never home?"
Me:  "Caleb, people who work in stores only work for a certain number of hours a day, then they go home.  Just like Daddy works all day and then comes home."
Caleb:  "Oh!"
Me:  "Caleb, did you think that people who work in stores live there and never leave?"
Caleb:  "Yeah.  I didn't know they get to go home!"

Wow.  Apparently, everyone who serves Caleb at stores and restaurants does not have a life.  They are simply there to wait on him.

-Nick is talking about Africa to Abby's class today, since they are currently studying parts of the continent.  He was getting his presentation ready this morning and Caleb asked, "So, is Abby's class going to Africa?"

The poor boy sincerely thought that Nick would be planning a trip to Africa with 18 1st graders.

Love that kid.

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Wiggwam said...

that's funny. reminds me of being a kid and thinking that about my teachers and being shocked that they didn't live at school and that they had families and lives too!