The Kids

The Kids

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Beautiful Day

Yesterday, Nick and I attended the funeral of a beloved camp friend. 

The service was beautiful with the pastor presenting the gospel to all who were there.  And Deb's daughter, still so young, sharing her thoughts about her mom.  She did such a lovely job and handled herself with grace and maturity.  Every word that was spoken by her and the pastor just brought on more and more tears.  Some tears over the loss, but most tears over the beauty that Deb must be seeing right now.

When we arrived home later that evening, the kids were still up, waiting to say good-night to us.  As Abby was getting ready for bed, she quietly said, "Guess what?  At school today, I gave my heart to Jesus."

I was floored by this announcement, partly because I know my little girl's heart and if she were suddenly to be taken from this world, there would be no doubt in my mind where she would go.  So to hear her say that she just now did that was almost surprising.

Once I let it sink in and stopped everything to really hear her, it was amazing.  Apparently, her teacher was reading a story and finished with a prayer.  She invited the students to pray the same words in their hearts if they deeply wanted to, which Abby did. 

I mentioned Abby's prayer to her teacher this morning and she said she was amazed at what went on in her class yesterday.  She said the Holy Spirit must have been really working because a bunch of the students said the same thing. 

Yesterday was a beautiful day.  I got to celebrate the life of my dear friend, who is with her Savior right now-seriously-right now!  Then, I got to hear my seven-year old announce that she now knows the same Savior and wants Him to be Lord of her life.

My heart is full.


Pete Kennaday said...

That is what we call a win-win scenario. :)

Christi said...

Brought tears to my eyes!! Praise the Lord!!

Mary said...