The Kids

The Kids

Sunday, February 5, 2012

Abby's Writings

Just a few snippets from Abby's writing these days...

The theme that was given at school was "How do you get to Heaven?"

I think that when Jesus comes, we will come on a cloud and flot up to heaven.  I think that heaven will have sand all over the ground and there will alwas be a rainbow in the sky.  There will be a huge house right next to a beautiful sea.  I think I will go to heaven someday.  I think I will go because I am a christian and I belive in God.  I am pretty sure I will go to heaven.  I know heaven is for real.  I know in heaven is where God lives.

Another random story about pets...

I really really really really really need a pet cat.  I will die if I do not get this kitten.  I am seven years old and I still do not have a pet!  I promise to take care of it!  Let me please just have one-just one cat!  If you do not let me have this cat I know is waiting for me I will shoot you!  I really will!  I will save all my money for it!  I will not save my allowance for anything else.  You can not convenice me to even get a ameracan girl doll instead of a cat!  But if you do, I will ask santa for that cat and he never dissapoints me!  He always give me exactly what I want!  He is the best person in the world!  He would give me anything I want.  Or grammy will give me a cat.  My cat could play with little Noah.  I don't care if he does play with my cat!  I would name my cat Rose.  I think Rose is a pretty name.  I love cats more than anything.  I already have fish.  I don't want a dog.  The only animal I want is a cat!  I would feed my Rose three times a day.  I would do any thing to get that cat that is waiting for me!  I love cats more than anything!

Hmm.  We went from Heaven to shooting me for not giving her a cat.  I think there is a contradiction somewhere between these stories.

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Bev said...

When are you going to get that girl a cat?!! :)