The Kids

The Kids

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Bringing Up This Boy

Caleb has been full of humorous things to say these days. Here is a glimpse of some of the gems I have been blessed with...

While visiting my friend Becky the other day, Caleb looked at her wedding picture on the wall and said, "That's a great picture of you!" (He's right-she never takes a bad picture-ever.)

In the same visit, he looked at her one year old, Emma and said, "She won't be a baby anymore. She's going to be a people." While we were laughing at that comment, he continued, "Then you won't have a baby anymore!"

And, to continue on in stories from that same morning, Becky and I caught Caleb picking his nose and eating it. When I asked him why he was doing such a disgusting thing, he explained, "It tastes good."

I will be surprised if Becky ever invites us over again. Seriously.

While in the car today, he randomly asked me "Do girls have penises?"

(What is up with this boy and he fascination with this particular body part?)

When I answered, "No," he then asked me if I have one.

(Do I look like a boy to anyone else?)

After answering "No" to that question as well, he then asked about butts.

At this point I was dying for adult conversation.

I explained that everyone has butts and he said, "Good, because I like butts."

You can imagine my delight when Abby was finally in the car with us and our conversation switched to stories from school and her desire for a new doll.

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