The Kids

The Kids

Saturday, October 17, 2009


While getting Caleb out of the bath and ready for bed he randomly said to me, "I wish you were in my belly, Mom."

Now, I should explain that my little boy has often heard stories of how he used to live in my belly. I explain it to him whenever he gets a glance at my tummy and wonders why it jiggles and has funny lines on it.

Whoever said pregnancy brings about a glow is full of it.

Anyway, whenever Caleb hears stories of living in me, he smiles like he remembers it (maybe he does?) and it brings us closer together. So, I must assume that when he wished I could live in his belly, he was implying that he wishes we could be as close as we could because he loves me so much.

Then again, about ten seconds later he said, "I wish that towel could live in my belly."

And then the moment was over.

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aunt karen said...

that is way too funny!!!! i just love your blog.