The Kids

The Kids

Thursday, October 29, 2009


My kids are suddenly looking old to me. Okay, so they are only three and five years old, but still-they are no longer babies and every day they appear more grown-up.

Yesterday, it struck me that my little baby boy is suddenly a "little boy." He woke up, used the potty right away and for the rest of the day, he spoke to me with perfect English. Granted, the kid has always had a nice vocabulary because his sister never stops talking. But, it was in the way he was speaking. Nick noticed it, too. The way he formed his thoughts and sentences showed me the baby part is now long gone.

I also realized that Abby, my little baby girl Abby, will be able to go to Music Camp as a camper in five years (four years if we use our higher up connections). Five years? I remember going there as a first time camper and not feeling young. My third year there I had my first kiss (thanks for paying to send me to a Christian camp, Mom and Dad!). Seriously-wasn't Abby just born?

I have always heard older adults speak of how quickly time goes, but I always wrote it off as one of those things that old people say. I am a young 32 and hear I am saying it-time goes by so fast that I feel like I am missing most of it.

I have not been helping the situation but always thinking about the "somedays." Someday, the kids will both be in school and I will be able to work and make more money. Someday, we will finally be done with diapers in this house. Someday, my kids will be more independent and not rely on me so much. Someday, I can have some freedom and not spend my days breaking up fights over toys.


What am I doing? My priority should be the now. I have been blessed with these little crying-fighting-complaining bundles of joy. I need to slow down and start enjoying these precious moments that will suddenly pass me by.

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Bev said...

It's true and I've been one of the "older adults" saying it. One of the most surprising things to me about this life is how fast and fleeting it really is. My baby will be 21 next month, and I swear he was just Caleb's age. One of my big regrets is that I didn't write stuff down like you are doing. It's so easy to live in the somedays and let today go by- I know- I have done it way to often.Love you lots!