The Kids

The Kids

Saturday, October 24, 2009

The Flu

The flu has arrived. Yippee.

First Abby with her chills, fever, aches and pain one morning. Then I was blessed the next day with the same thing, with the added benefit of chest pains and a sore throat. At first, I decided to try and ignore it. Then I watched the morning news and heard, "If you have chest pains and a sore throat-go see a doctor-NOW!"

Um, okay. Too bad that I dragged myself to the doctor and wasted a $30 copay just to hear "It might be H1N1, but you are not important enough to receive any medicine."

Okay, so maybe it was not in those exact words. But, apparently I am too old or too young and do not have, thanks to Caleb's birthday this month, any children young enough to receive the miracle drug that I keep hearing about. Advil it is.

Thankfully I was able to get some rest while my kids obediently watched a lot of television that day. By the next day, however, my "day off" was over. Ignoring the continuous chest pains and body aches, my job had to continue on.

I must take this moment to thank my wonderful husband who made dinner, helped the kids clean up the house and then put them to bed. And he did all this without making me feel guilty-that is the key.

I also have to thank Direct TV for picking this week to give us all the movie channels for only $2 a month. It was wonderful to lay around and have numerous movies at my command without having to actually get up and place a DVD in the player. Lovely.

And now life must go on. I must pick up my weary body from this couch and start cleaning this ridiculous house. I wonder-are my children too young for instruction on how to clean the bathroom, mop the floor and vacuum? Well, maybe someday.

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