The Kids

The Kids

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Happy 5th Birthday, Abigail!

Happy 5th Birthday to my little girl! Not to repeat myself from my previous blog to Caleb, but seriously-how is time going this fast? Yes, Abby, you are my oldest child and yes, you think you know absolutely everything-but, still, you are my little girl.

You bring such joy to those around you. Your smile lights up a room and when you really start laughing, one cannot help but join in. And when you cry, the same.

I am so proud of you. The things you are learning are amazing to me. You seem to take in everything around you and never forget one bit of it. Your Daddy is in for trouble-he now has two girls in the house who remember everything-and I mean everything.

It has been a joy watching you play soccer this year. I cannot decide on my favorite moment of each game-I am torn between the joy that lights up your face every time you score a goal or the immediate glance to us that you give every time, just to make sure we did not miss it.

Trust me-we never miss a thing.

I do have a bone to pick with you...very kind bridesmaids did a lovely job on my make-up at your Aunt Amy's wedding the other day. However, when you walked down the aisle as the Flower Girl, you pretty much ruined my eye make-up. Really, did you have to look so beautiful? My mind immediately flashed to 20 years from now and you walking down the aisle to the man you will marry someday.

Speaking of which, I pray for this man already. Wait for him-I promise it will be worth it.

Okay, so you are only five right now-but these five years have gone by so fast that my mind cannot help but look to the future. It will be here before I know it.

In the meantime, continue to be kind to others (including your brother) and hold on to that joy for as long as you can. Keep singing your songs to Jesus with all your heart, soul, mind and strength.

I love you, Abigail Grace.

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Teresa said...

Happy birthday to your sweet "babies!" Cant believe they are 5 and 3. will you guys be there for Thanksgiving this year?