The Kids

The Kids

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Win The Battle

I have learned as a parent that it is crucial to win the battle. The long temper tantrums, time-outs and crying fits seem to last forever. But, one must be brave. Ignore the cries of unfairness. Let the neighbors call the police on your house for fear of abuse (because of the sound level of crying-not for actual abuse!). The desire to give in or bargain will be strong, but it cannot happen. We parents must win!

Why? Because we say so!

Oh, and because it makes them grow into decent human beings or something like that.

In today's lesson, Caleb did not want to eat his green beans at dinner. I have no idea why he has such a hatred for them considering he eats anything else in sight, including old pieces of food he finds on the floor of the van.

I really need to clean that thing out sometime soon.

Normally I would ignore him for awhile and then he would either eat them without thinking about it or be excused and not ask for anything else. But, in this case, he saw his sister rush through her meal (which was not difficult to do considering she ate a total of four grapes for lunch due to her sickness-another story for another time). She knew what awaited her-No Bake Cookies that I had made today.

He watches Abby eat her cookie. He watched his dad eat his cookie. He even watched his mom pour some extra milk to go along with her cookie.

(We really did join the gym this week-I promise!)

No matter the intensity of cries, the pouty looks, and bargaining-he could not win. Even when his cries got to the level that made me close the windows (I mean, come on-our policeman neighbor was grilling out next door), we would not budge. Eat the beans=get a cookie. It is not a hard concept.

Even after having the coveted cookie set in front of him on the table, those two bites of green beans must have grown bigger in his mind and he refused. At one point, he took one, sniffed it and set out for the back door to throw it outside. I was relieved when he finally went to bed, seemingly happy and over the whole thing.

However, as I was getting myself ready for bed, I heard painful cries coming from his room. Fearing he was catching whatever virus Abby is currently carrying, I rushed in to comfort him. After laying down with him and trying to soothe him, I asked him, "Caleb, why are you crying?"

His half-awake response? "I want my cookie."

Ha-ha! Nice try young one.

Okay, so I had Nick grab him a little bite just in case he was awake enough to see it-but, he did not wake up enough to understand, so ha-ha! We parents won!