The Kids

The Kids

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Soccer And Nails

Abby is a very competitive girl. I have no idea where she gets it (and now everyone who knows us is rolling their eyes considering Nick and I have been known to fight in the midst of a board game). Regardless, this competitive streak she has makes her a great soccer player. She is very determined to stick with the ball either by getting it back from the opposite team or just by taking it straight to the goal.

I was glad to see that her girlie side is still very strong even when she is playing soccer. At her most recent game, every time she would score a goal, she then stopped and picked at her nails. She clearly had a hangnail that was bugging her because every free moment she had, she was picking at it. It was such a funny sight-the tallest girl on the team, running down the field, dribbling the soccer ball into the goal-then she stops and admires her fingers.

Eventually I went over to her sidelines with fingernail clippers and asked if I could be of assistance. Her response? "That's okay, Mom-I just bit it off and it's fine now."

That's my tough girl.