The Kids

The Kids

Saturday, January 28, 2012

Another Reason Why I Long For Heaven

I lost a friend today.

When I first met Deb, we were camp counselors together.  It was my first year back to camp after a four year hiatus and I remember thinking, "Great, I'm with one of the older ladies.  This won't be much fun."

(And by older, she was probably the age that I am now)

Anyone who knew Deb knows that I was completely in the wrong in my thinking.

She was so much fun and I can still hear her sweet laughter.  She had a beautiful voice-beautiful.  We spent year after year sitting in the back of the alto section together.  Yes, we should have been sitting among the younger campers (sorry Jayne), but those times together were precious.  Inside jokes were made, stories were shared, and laughter was constant. 

Deb played the guitar and knew how to rock out on it.  However, she refused to learn how to play more than her "Debbie chords."  Anytime that I introduced a new song to our worship evening, she would take one look and would usually say, "Go ahead without me-it doesn't have Debbie chords."

She passed away last night of heart failure.  I got the call while in the grocery store this morning.  My first reaction was shock.  But, when I went to call Nick to tell him the news, I broke down.  In the middle of Kroger. 

Somehow, I managed to finish shopping, with my only motivation being that my children had nothing to eat for lunch until I got home.  Once in the car, however, I let the tears come full force.  The radio automatically came on when I started the car, and by God's impeccable timing, this song was playing...

The radio continued to play song after song with lyrics of Heaven and joy.  Camp songs came on and with every song came memories. 

I know Deb is there, singing with her beautiful alto voice and praising her Savior.

I hope she saves me a seat next to her.

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