The Kids

The Kids

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Faith Like a Child

The other night Nick was putting Abby to bed and after finishing their bedtime prayer, they had a rather interesting conversation. She asked him, "Where is God?" Nick answered "In Heaven, but also in your heart." Of course this confused her greatly and she said, "But, I want to see Him! How do I see him if He's in my heart? How do I get in there?"

Good question. Sometimes it is so hard to keep believing when we are not physically seeing God. We rely on faith, which in itself is not the easiest thing to put our trust in. I used to think it would be so much easier to always trust God if I lived back in the Old Testament time, where God physically talked to His people. Yet, seeing the lack of faith in the Israelites even then is an example of how I really would have behaved. God continues to provide me with my daily "needs," yet I still continue to look for more.

Abby settled for the "You will see Him someday" answer and has not brought it up since. If I asked her right now about God, she would tell me everything she knows without a hint of doubt. Even though she has no idea where Heaven is, she knows God is there and she will join Him there someday. No wonder we are told to have faith like a child.

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