The Kids

The Kids

Saturday, June 28, 2008

Vacation Begins

Our family has traveled to North Myrtle Beach today for a week of vacation. Since being a part of Nick's family, I have been on this trip for a few years now and it is always full of lots of memories.

I fondly remember the first year I attended this trip as a Rosenfeldt. Nick and I had been married for six months and stayed in this little (a place for a bed and shower little) room while we really visited and dined with everyone else. It was perfect for us. We just went along with the flow and enjoyed every moment.

Then we had Abby. Suddenly, we needed more room and started to have opinions on where we went and at what time. Our time was not our own. Our happiness was no longer about things we wanted to do, but about the joy of watching our daughter experience the ocean for the first time. Somehow, though, it was as great a trip as any others.

Now we have Caleb. This is his first trip to the ocean (even though I was always aware of him during our trip when I was pregnant). We were worried about the long trip, but he has been amazing. He is so flexible and loving every minute of being somewhere new. The biggest challenge so far was having the kids sleep in the same room and even that is going well (so far). I am amazed.

I know I will have many fun stories of what these kids come up with this week, but so far, here are a couple of funny lines...

Abby talking to my friend Jodie (who I will write about later): She was telling a story and then said in the middle, "And the funny part was..." and then later said, "But the sad part was..." I just found it humorous.

Everything we ask of Caleb, his answer is, "Okay!" And he repeats absolutely everything his big sister says. For example, while sleeping in the same room last night, Abby said, "Mommy, I have to go potty!" and immediately Caleb yelled, "Baba, I have to potty!"

I look forward to this week of memories and sharing them all soon!

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