The Kids

The Kids

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

My Own Way

Recently the kids and I were playing tea party. It was obviously Abby's idea, but her tough brother went along with it. While Abby poured "tea" and mixed in "sugar and honey," Caleb went about trying to use another kettle to pour his own version of tea. This particular kettle had a lid on it that would fall off every time he tried to pour his imaginary beverage. For about ten minutes, I watched this cycle happen...

Caleb would try to pour the drink, the lid would fall off, crashing onto the table, he would pick it up, attempt to put it back together, then walk over to me and say, "Put on?" After I fixed it, he would walk back to the other side of the table and start the entire process again. It did not matter that I said, "Caleb, do not pour with the lid on-it will fall off." His response was "No!" and he kept trying it his way instead. Eventually, a miracle happened and he finally learned how to replace the lid on his own. After that was accomplished, he got bored and found something else to do.

How often do I do that with God? I work and work at something that clearly is not going to turn out right by my own ways, yet I still continue to ignore God's advice. I have a problem, try to fix it my own way, then run to Him when it does not work. After He gently helps me, I then continue on in my own way of doing things. All the signs could be there as to why I am wrong, but my stubborn self still keeps going. And, if by some miracle, things work out, I run off to my next situation without even taking time to thank Him.

Every time I see my kids being stubborn in thinking they are right (which happens at least ten times a day-each), may it be a reminder of my own sinful self and my need for God's patience and grace.

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