The Kids

The Kids

Saturday, June 21, 2008

Specific Prayers

Abby tends to say the same prayer each time it is "her turn" to pray. We could be sitting down for dinner or praying before bedtime, but her prayer will always go something along these lines:

"Thank you God for this day. Thank you for this day. Thank you for Mommy and Daddy and Caleb. Thank you for Grandma and Grandpa and Amy and Kevin. Thank you for Grammie (she stresses it to show the difference in grandmas) and Grandpa and Uncle Billy. Thank you for all my friends and family. Thank you for everything. Amen."

The last couple of days she has been throwing in new lines, which always surprises us. Last night, while eating dinner with friends, she made sure she thanked God "for Mike and Mrs. Woods." Tonight, while praying at bedtime, she decided to express her deep appreciation for Grandpa's cows (even though she thinks they are quite large and smelly when she is actually around them). My favorite was earlier this week when she prayed for God to heal my eye (which felt better by the next morning).

Even though these are just small sentences, they mean the world to me. It shows me she is starting to understand prayer. Instead of sticking with her normal routine of what to thank God for, she is actually thinking about specific things and people while talking with God. It is a nice reminder to me, who as an adult, easily gets caught up in the routine of my daily faith. May I remember to thank God for all the details and not just the big things I always speak of.

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