The Kids

The Kids

Monday, June 2, 2008

A Tribute to Nick

In the midst of focusing on my life as a stay at home mom and stories of the children, I need to take a moment and show my appreciation for my husband.

He wakes up early, teaches rich, high school students who think they know it all, and on occasion coaches random sports throughout the year. It is easy for me to forget that he is working hard all day because I can be so focused on my own tiredness from the kids. I have heard other moms say this as well. Many days I treat him like a relief pitcher who can start playing with the kids the second he comes home so that I can get back to my list of things to accomplish.

Some days he reminds me that I'm treating him like this, to which I completely deny.

But, most days, he accepts this role in his life, like today. He came home after finishing his final work for the school year, listened to a bunch of people talking at him all day, and instead of going away to be alone (which is what I would want), he sat down to play with the kids. Here are some of the phrases I heard from their conversations...

Abby: "Daddy! Daddy! You make Diego hide in the dollhouse, I'll count to ten and find him!"
Abby counts to ten. Caleb hears and joins in on his own version of counting, "One, Two, Ten!"

Caleb's climbing all over Nick and suddenly I hear from him, "Oh Caleb! What did you do in that diaper? Oh, that's awful! And now it's on my finger! Is it up your back? Where is this coming from? Did you get it on you feet? What did you do?"

Abby from the bathroom while Nick is changing the diaper, "Daddy! I pooped!"

What an amazing man to not only put up with this on a daily basis, but to love me as well. Six and a half years ago I never imagined it would be days like this that would strengthen my love for my husband. I'm blessed to be his bride.

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Bev said...

Tammy, you brought me to tears again! That's one of the reasons we love Nick too!