The Kids

The Kids

Friday, June 6, 2008

More Thoughts on Heaven

I just finished putting Abby to bed tonight and she brought up the Heaven subject again. What is ironic is that she can go the entire day without talking about these deep thoughts, but always has much to express right at bed time. One would think she doesn't want to go to sleep and she's stalling.

This time she asked me (since it was Nick she asked last time and she had to double check with her mom) where God is. I said in Heaven and that His son, Jesus, lives in our hearts. She looked at me as if this was impossible (a lot of adults have given me the same look when hearing this statement). I tried to explain it to the best of my ability, but finally said, "It's hard to understand, but just trust me."

After accepting this answer, she then went on to, "Where is Heaven?" I told her it is a place we can't get to until it's our time to go there. She asked if it was really high in the sky, to which I said, "Sort of." I read her next thoughts and immediately told her that even airplanes can't reach Heaven. She thought about that and then got really excited about her next idea...

"Mommy! Jaguars jump really high! I bet they can jump up and get us to Heaven!"

Thank you Go Diego Go and all the lessons about Baby Jaguar :)
(If you don't have toddlers who watch the show, trust me-they pay attention to everything about it.)

Finally, after some more discussion about Heaven and how we will live there forever someday, she ended with this last question: "When I go there, does that mean I can never go home again?"

It's not just the question that broke my heart, but the very concerned tone to which it was asked. I told her that everyone we know and love will be there, too, and it will be home to all of us.

In the midst of an exhausting day where all I was longing for was a shower and to finish some last minute things, my daughter stopped me in my tracks on what is important. These little desires for earthly things seem so important right now, but it is nothing compared to the longing we have deep inside us for something even greater-eternity with our Father.

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