The Kids

The Kids

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Day 1

While Nick is away for two weeks on his school trip to South Africa, I thought I would keep him up to date on what is going on at home. Or, to put it more accurately, make him feel guilty for leaving me alone with these two crazies while he is off seeing the world.

Can you feel the love?

Our first day looked liked this...

Abby cried while Nick packed his bags. We took him to the airport as the snow began to descend on our little neighborhood. Abby cried when she said good-bye to her daddy at the airport. I drove us home on slippery roads that were filled with Kentucky and Ohio drivers-this Pennsylvania driver was very judgmental and irritated. No breaking on slippery highways! How hard of a concept is that?

Stopped at Kroger to stock up on the essentials and filled up the van with gas. Too bad my $.20 off a gallon still had me paying the same amount since gas has suddenly shot up again. Spent some time with one of our neighbors so the kids could play together. At one point, I watched her little girl while she shoveled the driveway for her husband to pull in (what a wife) and then I realized she shoveled my driveway as well. Seriously? Do I have the nicest neighbors or what?

Heated up leftovers, gave the kids a bath and put them to bed. My favorite part of that sequence was the fact that Caleb had to use the potty three separate times-all of which occurred after he had on his footed pajamas. Sure, he can pee in his underwear all day long, but when it is bedtime, suddenly he has a passion for the toilet.

I managed to take a shower, was thrilled to not have any little people standing outside the door when I got out, but then I heard them-Abby was crying in her room and Caleb was yelling "I need to go potty!" I expected to find Abby in pain, but her reason for crying? "I miss my daddy!"

Wow. And it is only Day 1.

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