The Kids

The Kids

Friday, January 15, 2010

Days 8 And 9

Who really thinks that children are born perfect and it is just society that creates the problems? If you find yourself in this circle of thought, you clearly have never had kids.

My son is so full of sin it is ridiculous. Oh, I know-we all are. But, these last couple of days have brought out the the little devil in him. I can blame the terrible threes (seriously...three-year olds are worse than two-year olds) on his behavior or the lack of having his father around all week. Yet, it all comes down to this...he is a sinner.

The other day, Abby was trying to tell him about how God holds everyone in His hands. Caleb kept covering his ears with his hands and making loud noises to avoid hearing her wise words. She of course got mad because she wanted to pound the truth in him (which is a whole other lesson in and of itself), to which he delighted in her frustrations and kept up his antics. True, he was probably just trying to avoid yet another lecture from his big sister, but I could not help but worry over his reaction to the truth.

Today was full of delightful comments from my loving boy. Here are my favorites...

"Mom, let's just go home after we're done getting groceries and not pick up Abby from school because I don't want to have a sister anymore."

"Mom, you were yelling at me yesterday so I'm going to cut your body off."

See my point? Devil child.

After my immediate reaction to the second comment, he sat in silence for awhile and then said, "It's okay, mom-I forgive you. I won't cut your body off." After some clarification, I realized he was trying to apologize and ask for forgiveness. At least it is a start.

He has also been such a delight about obeying. I know, how bad could the boy who wants to cut off his mom's body and get rid of his sister be? It was really difficult to listen to Dr. Phil talk about good parenting skills that do not involve yelling and spanking over the cries of Caleb while I was performing both crimes.

(I should mention that I never watch Dr. Phil, but his program came on when I turned on the television and the topic seemed interesting. I heard about two minutes of it before the volumn of my children overtook the living room.)

As I took mental notes of Caleb's behavior throughout the day so I could write this down and make my husband glad he is currently across the world, that little stinker (Caleb, not Nick) got all cuddly with me at bedtime and talked about how much he loved me.

Sure. Like I believe the boy who threatened my life.


Bobbie said...

I'm sorry, but I find this post sad. As a very Christian mother I could never say my child is full of sin and my children have said worse then the 2 things that your child said! You need to bring him to church, to God, not just say he is full of sin. God forgives and a child only knows what they are taught!

Tammy said...

If this is the only post you have read on this blog, than I can see why you would think that. Keep reading and you will see that we are strong Christians who take our kids to church and rely entirely on the grace of God. My kids know of our love and God's love and I would never tell him he's a little sinner while he's three! I wrote this in part humor, simply expressing my frustrations while my husband is out of town.

Anonymous said...

I can understand a frustrating parenting post however, I could never call my child a sinner on my public blog for a few things he has said. It doesn't have a drop of humor to it. Sorry.

Goddess Lacey said...

He's 3, that doesn't mean he's a devil child. I have a 2.5yr old and he drives me crazy all the time, but that's the age. Boys are a lot worse than girls so I keep getting told. But I think you need to spend more time with him and a little less time preaching to him. No matter what your religion is he is not going to fully understand at this age. I hope things have gotten better for your family, but if you refer to your child as a devil child still, things will only get worse.

Tim Parenti said...

I think the point is that we're all sinners... you, me, Tammy, and yes, even Caleb. If that wasn't directly clear from the post, it should at least be clear to all Christians.

Tammy said...

Wow. Sorry to all of you who I don't know and who clearly haven't read any other of my posts. I absolutely love my children and this particular post is dripping with sarcasm. I guess when I'm writing, I think of my family and friends who know me and get my humor. And they do-I had lots of other moms write to me saying they laughed and completely understood where I was coming from. Did not mean to offend so many.

To be technical, we are all sinners. That's why God's grace is so important. So yes, my son is a sinner. So am I and so are you. I am nothing without the grace of Jesus. When I used the term "devil child," I was being sarcastic. I pray for him every day, spend plenty of time with him (hence my site title) and never "lecture" him-he's three. As I have just put him to bed and he hugged and kissed me good-night and said he loved me, I think I'm doing okay :) Since he is not reading this blog himself, I think I'm okay. Seriously, if you don't believe me, read other posts that I have written.

Nick said...

Tammy: seriously, do NOT feel the need to defend yourself to these people. Your post was fine, funny, and entirely appropriate.

If they think the post is sad, or not funny, or even if they feel the need to preach at you for preaching at your child (how dare you!), they are perfectly entitled to do so. They are crazy, but entitled. Don't let the petty and misguided opinions of strangers dictate your feelings about yourself, or your own writing, which is very good, by the way (wink).

Missing you in SA. Can't wait to see my little devil children again.