The Kids

The Kids

Friday, January 8, 2010

Day 2 And Thinking About Heaven

Another snow day, which was nice. What will be really nice is when my kids figure out the beauty of a snow day is sleeping in. Not wandering into my room at 6:45 a.m.

Nick called me when the plane touched down in South Africa today. With only a couple of minutes to talk, he made sure one of his vital things to mention was the fact that it was 77 degrees there. That was really fun to hear as I was bundling up the kids and pulling the shovel out of the garage.

The kids had a blast playing outside in the piles of snow. I pulled them around on the sleds on the driveway, which is a wonderful way to start the process of shoveling. Just a helpful hint to keep in mind.

This has been a day of deep conversations with the kids. On the way home from Grandma's house tonight, Caleb heard the word "forgiveness" in a song and asked what it meant. After I described it, Abby announced, "I already knew that." I had to bite my tongue from asking, "Then why don't you use it with your brother when he takes your stuff?" They both asked what patience was as well, which made me feel like a hypocrite as I decribed it.

The comment of the day, however, was while listening to the new Steven Curtis Chapman song, "Heaven is the face." I had told the kids before that the song is about his little girl who has killed awhile ago because she was hit by a car. I told them she is in Heaven and that is why he wrote this song. While listening to it today, Caleb suddenly said, "Hey, he just sang about Heaven. That's where our baby is!"

What a precious thing to remember. I said, "Maybe they know each other there and play together," which made the kids excited. I had a friend tell me that the other day-she had a miscarriage last summer and has been a tremendous support during these past few weeks. She mentioned that maybe our babies are friends in Heaven. It is a beautiful thought.

We have been blessed with many pregnancies announced lately, with friends and family. Along with the excitement, there has also been news of sadness. One friend just found out they are not getting the child they were adopting this month-the birth mother changed her mind a few weeks before her due date. In the same day, another friend told us they had a miscarriage with their third child. My heart is breaking for these families. Although the loss between adoption and a miscarriage appears different-it is still a loss of something one is hoping and preparing for.

I keep holding on to this image of our lost babies and children playing together in Heaven. I have included the youtube link for the song, which has the lyrics to read while you listen. What a joy to someday meet them when we meet our Savior.

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Christi said...

Nick is lucky to have you updating him on his children and what they say and do while he is gone!!
Last nite at dinner here Abby prayed for a safe trip home for her daddy. It was precious to hear them both pray. We had to go around and each one be thankful for something. God has blessed us abundantly!!!!!
Love ya, Christi