The Kids

The Kids

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Days 10 And 11 (And Our Small World)

Two things have struck me these last few days about how small our world is, particularly among believers.

While attending the Understanding Poverty class at church that I recently mentioned, we got on the topic of short-term mission trips. I mentioned going to Jamaica in college and how it is amazing to meet other people who have been there as well. I know of a camper who went last year and a college graduate who went for an entire summer, both of them meeting the kids we knew back then who are now grown men.

After the class was over, I had two separate people come up to me and say they knew where Harmons, Jamaica was. Now, most people who live in Jamaica do not know where Harmons is-it is that small of a village in the mountains. So to find Americans who know where it is, is pretty amazing. Not only did one woman know of the village, but her daughter is currently dating a man who grew up there! Love it.

We have friends who just had their second son born on Friday. On Saturday he had to have emergency brain surgery. One day old. The surgery went well, but they are still watching for any swelling or seizures. I had emailed the prayer request to some friends and this was awesome-my best friend said even before she got my email, she received an email from someone in their church for the same request. Turns out, someone in my best friend's church works with the mother of this newborn. Within an hour she received the same request from two people who did not know each other. Again, love it.

While on the topic of prayer, I just have to add the joy Abby brought to my day. Every so often, our church does what is called "Prayers of the People" during worship. Instead of always listening to one person pray, there is a time of silence and the congregation can pray out loud. I had prayed out loud for my friends that I just mentioned and this inspired Abby. She touched my arm and whispered, "I'm going to pray, too."

This is how terrible I am. I stopped her. I asked what she wanted to pray for. I have to be honest-I did not want her to start reciting her typical prayers that really would only make sense to our family (and God, who is the one I should actually be concerned with). She explained she had something to thank God for so I said to go ahead. When there was a pause, she spoke out clearly, "Thank you for my friends and family and all the people in the world."

What was I worried about? And who cares if she did recite her usual prayer? The fact that my daughter was excited to express her thanks to God in front of all those people is a blessing. I am trying to remember the last time in my prayer life that I was so excited to talk with God that I was smiling like Abby was has been too long.


Anonymous said...

To be a child and express ourselves with no trepidation. Too bad we lose that as we grow older. Good for Abby!

Nick said...

I can't believe I missed it. Tell her how proud of her I am. (tears)

Abby's Dad Who is Eight Thousand Miles Away