The Kids

The Kids

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Day 6

Abby was looking at a boglehead in our china cabinet today and asked, "Is that Daddy?" When I answered, "No, that's Frank Robinson," she said, "But, it's a baseball player so I thought it was Daddy."

I explained that the boglehead man is famous and she asked, "Isn't Daddy a famous player?" When I said, "No," she asked, "What does famous mean?" I said it is when everyone knows who you are. Of course in her mind, everyone does know who she is so that explanation did not work. So I used Jack Black as an example (since all her "famous people" are cartoons and she knows him from School of Rock). She asked, "Isn't he from another planet?"

Well, perhaps Abby. But, that is a question for another time.

Moving on...

I came up with a great game today. As Abby got in the car after school and she started fighting with her brother within five seconds, I told them the game was to see who could be the most kind for the rest of the morning. No more shouting, yelling, whining or complaining.

They actually loved it. And so did I.

Then we played it again when we went to Mr. and Mrs. Woods' house for dinner (or as they call it, Emma's house). Both kids were kind, shared, and ate their dinner and only started to fall apart on me after the flow of brownies and ice cream kicked in. Abby even started the "who can be quiet the longest" game on the way home.

I could be on to something here.

The Direct TV repair man came by this afternoon to fix our dish (and thus, save my sanity). True, my house smelled like smoke for a few hours because his clothing was so full of the stench and I could not really understand what he was saying when he spoke, but hey-he fixed my tv so it's all good.

Abby really enjoyed entertaining this guy while he worked on the tv. She told him all about the story of TinkerBell and the Lost Treasure (it is fascinating stuff). He mentioned that his little girl likes Cinderella and Abby quickly switched gears to her favorite princess. She also felt the need to say, "My Daddy and I always play Cinderella! I'm Cinderella and he's the prince and we dance together," to which the man replied, "It's okay-I won't tell anyone."

Come home, Abby's prince-we miss you!