The Kids

The Kids

Saturday, January 9, 2010

Day 3 And The Movie Theater

Took the kids to their first movie today. I feel kind of guilty since Abby had to wait until she was five years old to go to the theater and Caleb tagged along at only three years old. Oh well-let the "youngest child getting more stuff earlier" game begin.

We saw The Chipmunks Squeakquel, which I figured they would enjoy since they really liked the first one (viewed on television). Both kids were so good and laughed a lot. The sweetest part to me was after Abby devoured her popcorn and was hunting for more, she noticed her little brother was smart enough to take his time and save some for after the previews. Instead of asking the obvious "Why did you eat your popcorn so fast?" and hoarding his own stash, he kept taking out a few kernels at a time and giving them to her.

Trust me-this is not a normal occurrence in our house.

Our trip to the movies led me to ask one question: What has happened to the great deals for kids? At the theater we went to, the tickets were all the same price (apparently, they do not give additional discounts for kids during the afternoon) and the popcorn club that I had heard about was not a $.50 bag of popcorn (I know, I was completely out of my mind to even think that would be possible), but $7 for popcorn, candy and a drink.

Now, I am one of those people who brings my own bottled water (even though I would just love to pay $4 for their bottled water-it must be special water with healing powers) so of course I brought along the kid's cups. And I really did not need them eating more candy on a day that they were missing their naps. So, $7 for popcorn? I don't think so.

I bought a large popcorn for us all to share.

While I paid my ridiculous amount for the popcorn, I asked for tap water in a cup (forgot my bottled water, which I truly regretted). The woman waiting on me gave me a dirty look, proceeded to act like it was a huge chore to reach for the cup, then handed me the world's smallest, plastic cup and said, "Go to the water fountain to fill it up."

Nice. At least I did not have to worry about drinking too much and having to use the bathroom in the middle of the movie. Oh wait-Abby had to do that twice anyway.

Moving the webcam all set up so we could talk with Nick today. A few weeks ago, he thought of the perfect way to watch the Bengals playoff game-I could keep it on the television and point the webcam at it. I thought he was joking and never thought of it again.

He wasn't joking.

After he watched the first half and we talked with him during commercials, he finally gave up and went to bed (given that it was the middle of the night in South Africa at that point). Glad he stopped watching-it was not a pretty thing to see.

Just finished watching Taken. Great movie to watch while home alone with the kids. Now I have to get those ideas out of my head and try to sleep. Miss you Nick.

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Tim Parenti said...

I can totally picture Nick doing that! Not that that's a bad thing...

And Taken is a wonderfully done movie, but the problem is that it's portrayed so masterfully that it can be a bit unsettling. Which, I suppose, is sort of the point.