The Kids

The Kids

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Abby The Author

Today's story is brought to you by Miss Abigail Grace Rosenfeldt, 1st grade author.

"Abby R's Dinosaur...

My dinosaur's name is Sophie.  Sophie is a Triseratops.  She is my best friend.  She takes care of my family.  If Caleb is bad or I am bad, it uses its horns and hits us in our back for a punishment.  Sophie likes to play outside.  Me and Caleb like to play with her.  We like to play hide and seek.  She is the nicest dinosaur I have ever met.  She is very gentle and kind.  We don't have a car, because we have Sophie to take us to school.  Sophie only likes to play with me because I found her egg and my voice was the first voice she ever heard.  She is very pretty.  She is pink with purple spots all over it.  She loves me and I love her.  If someone said dinosaurs are extintet (extinct), Sophie gets mad and hits them hard with her horns.  I like to play with her at recess and so does evry one else.  We get on her back and Sophie spins around and around like a merr-go-round.  Her favorite coler is pink.  Her favorite food is 'pink'berries.  The end."

Apart from the part about being hit in the back with horns for punishment (I swear, we do not do that in this house), I found this to be a rather pleasant story.  I could see the influence of other stories that she has read ("Danny and the Dinosaur, mostly) which just makes my day. 

There have been nights where I am going to bed and she is still reading.  I hate having to tell my child to stop reading, but I also hate dragging her crabby butt out of bed in the morning.  I hope her passion for reading never leaves.

I also hope that her teacher does not think we beat our children in the back for punishment.

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