The Kids

The Kids

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Caleb The Scholar

Back from the Bahamas.  Drove home from the airport in a downpour of rain.  Back to real life.

More about that later.

For today, just had to share a Caleb story. 

He was doing homework (he is a preschooler and gets an assignment about four times a year) and when asked to write what he will do when he is bigger, he wrote, "Football."

I could not believe that he knew how to write that word without any help from me.  Then again, he enjoys sports center as much as his dad, so I should not be surprised.  Regardless, I praised him for such a great job on his spelling and writing.  I asked him, "How did you know how to write that?"

He shrugged and said, "I just thunk."

So, my brilliant son who knew how to spell football on his own just had to "thunk" about it to know the answer.

Oh, Caleb.

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