The Kids

The Kids

Sunday, January 8, 2012

Giving All

Our church is starting a new church plant, which we are a part of.  It is going to be a multi-ethnic church, which I will gradually be writing about over the next few months.

As we were driving home from the first meeting the other day, I was explaining to Abby how this whole church plant thing works.  In her eyes, she was just hanging out with kids her age, most of whom she knew from our church already, on an extra day of the week.

I explained how we will continue to meet in homes for awhile, then, hopefully in the fall, we will have a building to use.  I told her how all of us that are meeting right now, will be responsible for paying the pastor and for the use of a building and how eventually, we will have money for our own church building.  It just takes time and faith.

Sweet Abby thought for a second and said, "Well, I have $1.50 in my piggy bank.  I could give that to help pay for everything."

What was that story about the woman who gave everything she had?  She did not have much, but it was all that she had and it showed her faith being stronger than anyone else.  Hmm.

Okay, Lord, you got me again.  Way to use my children to remind me of my own lack of faith.

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