The Kids

The Kids

Monday, January 23, 2012

Where Is My Sick Day?

When do moms get sick days?  Seriously?

Yes, I have a loving husband who helps out the best that he can while he still works three jobs, one of which has him grading into all hours of the night.  He does great on the basic needs of the kids-he has fed them (with help from being at other homes) and clothed them.  I do not expect him to do all of the routine things that I do around here.

Which is why, as I relunctantly look around my house, it looks like a tornado has gone through it.

Coats are left laying on the floor (not just the entry way, either, but in all rooms of the house) and clean dishes are still in the dishwasher while the dirty ones are piling up on the table, counter and a few in the sink.  Toys are everywhere.  Everywhere.  And my personal favorite-the laundry.

Ah, yes, the laundry.  There has been a clean load in the dryer for two days now.  I have been tempted to hit the dewrinkle cycle, but know that if I am honest with myself, I will not be folding it promptly anytime soon.  As for the dirty clothes, they are in every room of the house and, funny enough, not in the actual hampers that are in every bedroom. 

I make it so easy for them.  I really do.

As I sit here, finally getting on this laptop for the first time in days, relieved to be over the chills and desperately trying to ignore the stomach cramps, I can hear Noah.

Oh, sweet Noah.  I usually like the kid.  Today-not so much.

He has been on this kick for awhile where he saves his pooping for the middle of his nap.  Okay, so he probably is not planning it (although, sometimes I think he is), but the last few days, it has not happened just once, but twice.  Per nap.

Today, he did it twice this morning, then dropped his lovey on purpose, prompting him to scream like he was being tortured.  When he was out of the crib, he pooped up his back.

Seriously?  I thought we were past the infant stage.  Oh, that's right-kids like to bring back those fun phases for when their moms are on their last bit of energy.

So, I ask again-when do moms get sick days?  I do not remember my mom ever having one, so I guess they do not exist.

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Grandma Dee said...

Tammy that comes with being a Mom.
I am so happy that you are feeling better, we have all been thru those trying times, but some how or another we all got thru it too.
Just keep on being the great MOM you are. There were days when I felt the same way, and ask WHY ME?
And the answer is always, because you love them and would do anything and everything for them, even though you feel so awful. Rather you then them, right? Take one day at a time, the house will always be there, but you need to take care of yourself first.Love you and God Bless you.
Grandma Loesch