The Kids

The Kids

Friday, January 27, 2012

Who's Your Mommy?

Caleb said to me the other day, "I love you mom.  You're the best mom that I've ever had."

While I was of course flattered by his compliment, I just had to ask, "What other moms have you ever had?"

He replied, "Well, there's Izzy's mom and Izzy's dad, Noah's mom, Felicity's mom..."

I just had to ask, didn't I?

Apparently, in the eyes of my five-year old, his friends' moms (and it turns out in some cases, dads) are like moms (and dads) to him, too. 

Well, at least I'm the best.  You know, the person who actually gave birth to him.

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Anonymous said...

I love this one! I am so glad I may be considered a mom to him too! Sometimes I feel like I have a million children - all at school! :)
Your posts are fabulous - this is great that you are doing these.