The Kids

The Kids

Thursday, January 5, 2012

Ten Years

Today marks ten years of marriage.  Ten years.  I could have sworn that I just said yes to the dress a few weeks ago, but apparently it was over ten years ago.

While reflecting on the past decade, I thought I would share some of the things that I have learned about myself and about Nick.

Ten things I have learned about Nick...

1.  He does not know what the hamper is for, even though it is right next to where he throws his dirty laundry.
2.  The little frustrations in life make him crazy, while he handles huge problems with ease.
3.  He will put his family first, above everything-even football.
4.  He needs respect.  Every argument that I can think of came down to him not feeling respected.  And yes, people who argue can still be happily married for ten years.
5.  His passion for other cultures and all people grows with each year.
6.  He desperately needs a man cave.
7.  He is a great writer who needs to do it more.  Ideas are bubbling out of him and need to be heard.
8.  He conveniently likes the fatty parts of meat that I dislike and loves leftovers that I would normally throw out.
9.  He still manages to surprise me with sweet gestures, like flowers, spa gift certificates, or cleaning up after dinner.
10.  He has made an amazing dad.

Ten things I have learned about myself...

1.  I am always right.  I never realized it before, but Nick has told me this many times so it must be true.
2.  I am not as patient as I thought I was.
3.  I have a knack for making yummy chocolate chip cookies, which my husband could eat every day.
4.  I used to think that I would make an amazing wife and whoever got me was lucky.  Now, each year makes me more aware of how selfish I can be.  Thankfully, Nick still lives in some kind of bubble world where he still finds me amazing.
5.  I do not need jewerly or candy (well, candy does help sometimes) to make me happy-when my husband helps me clean up after dinner or makes the bed, my heart soars.
6.  Took me long enough to realize this, but I have this deep need to feel appreciated.
7.  There is absolutely no way I could have delivered three babies (especially that Noah-what was that amazingly quick birth about?) without Nick by my side, being the sweetest man in the world, even though I was cursing at him.
8.  I am glad that I am a morning person and he is a night person-even married couples need some alone, quiet time at some point.
9.  Even though I think I know best and always have the correct ideas on how to do things, God gently reminds me that Nick has a pretty smart plan as well.
10.  I am so glad that I married my best friend.

Happy 10 Year Anniversary, Nick.  We have moved twice, changed jobs, lost friends and made new ones, delivered three babies and lost one, and have counted on each other through it all.  The conversations have never stopped and I look forward to what we talk about for the next ten years. 

I love you.

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