The Kids

The Kids

Friday, January 20, 2012

Our Cruise

Our cruise was lovely.  Truly lovely.

Left out of Miami, went to Coco Cay, Nassau, then back to Miami.  Beautiful weather-just warm enough to lay in the sun, and the constant breeze kept it perfect.

Best of all, was our time together.  Just conversation without being interrupted by our precious children.  And not just the children, but life in general.  There was something freeing about not having an internet connection and cell reception. 

When we were still docked in Miami, our phones would not stop.  Nick kept getting texts and emails from students and the substitute about the most random things.  I could not wait to turn those phones off.

It was like being on a long date with no checking of the time to relieve the sitter.  I often found myself checking the time and then realizing that it did not matter. 

My favorite place that we went to was Coco Cay.  When we first arrived, we wondered what on earth we were looking at.  It was a mile long island that did not seem like much.  Once we were there, though, we loved it.  We explored the island on our own (instead of paying a bunch of money for a tour guide) and my favorite place that we found was this little bench.

For those on the cruise who stuck by the tourist area, they missed this gem.  We sat there for awhile, just talking and watching the waves crash up against the rocks.  Just sitting there, with no place to go.  I thought I was dreaming.

Now we are home and back to life.  My first full day back, Abby stayed home sick from school, Caleb had an accident in his pants (thanks to Miralax) and Noah was crabby.  Nick went straight back to work, not getting home until 10pm from working the basketball games. 

Maybe we can plan our next cruise to celebrate 10 1/2 years of marriage?  No?  Too soon?

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